Added Value

mehrwert In the future, projects will become increasingly challenging, complex, and require more varied competencies than ever before. New technologies in particular, which are often described using the key term Industry 4.0, will change the project and business landscape of years and decades to come. We are prepared.

We pool our competencies via our strong parent company Sidus GmbH, which allows us to combine our experience-based know-how to complete, finance, and implement challenging projects. In addition, we open ourselves up to creative ideas, technologies and business models that make tried-and-tested instruments more effective and cost-efficient. This way, we are able to provide you with customized solutions that exceed the limits of traditional service profiles.

Examples for this include:

  • The total coordination of all logistics-related activities
  • The installation and operation of plants as part of all activities related to logistics
  • Design and financing of logistics solutions